Buffalo Suburban Christian Academy


Newsletter - 2011-11-18
November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Performance for VineCroft Assisted Living Center in Clarence, on Tuesday, Nov. 22:  This coming Tuesday, the whole school will be visiting VineCroft for a Thanksgiving Luncheon (usually consisting of grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, crackers, and ice cream Sundays – the students love it!) with the residents. Afterwards, our students will perform by hand chimes, poetry, skits, and songs a small Thanksgiving program. Over the past few years, BSCA has developed a nice relationship with the leadership and residents there.
December 3rd – H & S Ice Cream Social:  Revised schedule! Come to BSCA for a night of fun and food (ice cream!). It starts at 6:00 PM with a short vespers.  The Home & School asks everyone to bring a half-gallon of your favorite flavor. We always have a good time.
H & S Fundraiser – Xmas Wreaths:
The wreaths will be here around Thanksgiving time. There will be a few more items for sale if someone wants an additional item. Students will be given 10% sales commission after all the money has been turned in.
God’s Blessings Abound . . .
These are the people whom we want to thank and recognize . . .
  • For all the parents who showed up for Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • For Mrs. Guash driving the van all the time.
  • For Mr. Erwin and Mr. MacLeod donating to finish the electrical work in Mrs. Maloon’s room.
Thanksgiving Break:
Thanksgiving break starts at noon on Wednesday, November 23rd, and continues through November 27th. School will resume on Monday, November 28th.
Van Driver for Now:
Until further notice, Mrs. Hulda Guash (Jhonathan’s mom) is our driver for the green van. She already has been driving on Wednesdays but now will be our driver every day of the week, both coming to school and going home. Any parent of a child riding the van should contact Mrs. Guash ahead of time, if they know their child will not be riding. Mrs. Guash’s phone number is (716) 812 – 7876.
Parent-Teacher Conferences – Strong Showing from Parents – Thank you! 
Last Thursday night just about every parent had a parent-teacher conference, with the rest rescheduling. Thanks for your interest and support of your child’s education. Children do so much better when they know their parents are involved.
Light-Skill of the Week:       Flexibility
This past week we emphasized the light skill of flexibility. Please encourage your child to allow the Holy Spirit to live in them.
Help and Things We Need
  • Metal bars for chin-up bars
  • Vertical blinds for both classrooms
  • More gymnastic matts
Mrs. Maloon’s Class
Poetry Contest—Each year BSCA enters student work to the Anthology of Poetry for Young Americans publishing contest. This year lower grades sent in cinquains and diamonte poems. If chosen for publication, you will receive a letter in the mail from Anthology of Poetry for Young Americans requesting permission to print your child’s poem. If you grant permission, your child’s poem will be published in a book of poetry written by young people.
I have a number of these books from past years in my classroom. It is quite an honor to be published, and your children are working hard and doing a great job. If selected, the request for permission to print will come in November or December. Be watching for this envelope!
Chimes Choir—BSCA is going to Vine Croft Nursing Home on Tuesday, November 22. We will be preforming our annual Thanksgiving program there. The nursing home provides lunch so your child does not need to bring in a lunch on Tuesday. Also, they mentioned sending home treat bags.
Salty Christian Popcorn Company--the students brainstormed for company names, and voted on this one, since we are concentrating on being the salt of the earth. This week we learned how important it is to have supplies on hand for manufacturing, and also how marketing increases sales.
Classroom Reward Party--Students in Mrs. Maloon’s classroom have earned a reward party, which we will enjoy on Wednesday(which is a ½ day of school). We will have a morning of fun learning. No lunch will be necessary that day, (I will be supplying pizza buns) but if your child would like to bring in a snack to share, that would be great. :)
Mr. Maloon’s Classroom
  • There is a grade report today. Please review, sign, and make sure your child does whatever work needs to be completed (as represented by 0%) or redone (below 70%).
  • Book Reports!  November book reports are due after we come back from Thanksgiving break. That should be more than enough time for students to read and write the book report. This month’s reading is to be about something on nature (animals, earth science, astronomy, plants, weather, etc.). (Minimum of 200 pages) Try to establish a habit of your child reading every evening; we are trying to develop the habit of being life-long readers. They just saw a video about the life of Dr. Ben Carson. Besides his conversion, the other turning point in his life is when his mother made him read two books a week and then report to her. Those who read succeed!
  • Upcoming Tests – next week:
    • Science, chapter 5
    • Math, 8th grade – test 8
    • Math, 6th grade – chapt. 4
    • Lang, 8th grade – unit 9
    • Bible, Unit 3 (after Thanksgiving)
  • Field Trip to Transit Lanes.  This Monday, November 21st, our class will go to Transit Lanes on Transit Road in Williamville to go bowling and have lunch. Each child will need to bring $5. Please sign the attached permission slip and return on Monday.