Buffalo Suburban Christian Academy


Newsletter - 2011-11-04
November 4, 2011

School Picture Day: Wednesday, November 9th. Please fill in the form we sent a few weeks ago, and return to school right away. Each child will have a class picture in school uniform, as well as an individual picture in whatever you want them to wear. Please bring in the form no later than Wednesday.
H & S Fundraiser – Xmas Wreaths:  The fundraiser work is now complete. The wreaths will be here around Thanksgiving time. There will be a few more items for sale if someone wants an additional item. Students who sold more than $150 will be given 10% of their sales after all the money has been turned in.
Thanksgiving Break:
Thanksgiving break starts at noon on Wednesday, November 23rd, and continues through November 27th. School will resume on Monday, November 28th.
Light-Skill of the Week:       Flexibility
This past week we emphasized the light skill of flexibility. Please encourage your child to allow the Holy Spirit to live in them.
God’s Blessings Abound . . .
These are the people whom we want to thank and recognize . . .
  • Pastor Curtis for leading assembly this week.
  • For Mr. Erwin and Mr. MacLeod donating to finish the electrical work in Mrs. Maloon’s room.
Help and Things We Need
  • Metal bars for chin-up bars
November 12th – H & S Ice Cream Social:  Come to BSCA for a night of fun and food (ice cream to be specific!). It starts at 6:30 PM with a short vespers.  The Home & School asks everyone to bring a half-gallon  of your favorite flavor. We always have a good time together.
Parent-Teacher Conferences  for 1st Quarter grades will be on November 10th.  Please fill in the form below and send it in on Monday.
I would like to come for my conference at:
1 PM  ___________
1:20 PM _________
1:40 PM _________
2:00 PM _________
2:20 PM _________
2:40 PM _________
3:00 PM _________
3:20 PM _________
3:40 PM _________
4:00 PM _________
4:20 PM _________
4:40 PM _________
5:00 PM _________
5:20 PM _________
5:40 PM _________
6:00 PM _________
6:20 PM _________
6:40 PM _________
7:00 PM _________
7:20 PM _________
7:40 PM _________
Noon Dismissal on Thursday, November 10.
No School on Friday, November 11th.
There is no school on Friday, November 11th, for Veterans Day. School will resume on Monday, November 14th.
Mrs. Maloon’s Class
Poetry Contest—Each year BSCA enters student work to the Anthology of Poetry for Young Americans publishing contest. This year lower grades are working on cinquains and diamonte poems. If chosen for publication, you will receive a letter in the mail from Anthology of Poetry for Young Americans requesting permission to print your child’s poem. If you grant permission, your child’s poem will be published in a book of poetry written by young people.
I have a number of these books from past years in my classroom. It is quite an honor to be published, and your children are working hard and doing a great job. If selected, the request for permission to print will come in November or December. Be watching for this envelope! We have some wonderful entries--ask your child about his or her poem.
Chimes Choir—we are in the process of learning our holiday music. The students are making huge improvements each week. We are excited about touring, and playing for our Christmas program on Sabbath, Dec. 17 at Buffalo Suburban Church. Mark that day on your calendar and plan on bringing family.
This week In SS, we are studying about the US government and free enterprise. To assist the students in grasping the concept of investors, profit, marketing, and economy, we have started a classroom business. First, we concentrated on investors. We invited people to invest in our company, with a promise of a return with interest. We made our first batch of popcorn and discovered that quality control was an issue. Most of this batch was used for sampling and perfecting the recipe, but we did sell our first bag of popcorn and framed the dollar! Learning by trial and error, the students are discovering the necessity of marketing their product…
Mr. Maloon’s Classroom
  • There is a grade report today. This is the beginning of the new quarter. Make sure your child stays on top of his or her work this quarter.
  • Book Reports!  October book reports were due this week. Make sure your child works on it this weekend, if he or she did not do it. In November, all book reports are on something
  • Book-It Program Returns Starting with the month of October, students in grades 5-8 are eligible to receive a free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza for reading at least 200 pages (or 300 pages for grade 8) per month. Please fill out the reading authorization form (found on-line at www.BSCAonline.org) and return it to school.
  • Academy Days on Monday and Tuesday.