Buffalo Suburban Christian Academy


Newsletter - 2011-10-21
October 21, 2011

BSCA CHOIR--October 22Buffalo Suburban SDA Church has requested the school choir to sing special music on October 22. One of our students, Johan Pauta, will be baptized that day. Student attire will be dark pants (or skirts for girls) and a church top. We will be changing into light blue performance shirts after Sabbath School. Students should be at the church by 11:00. After the service, we will meet in the music room to change back out of the performance shirts. Please come and support our choir and this very special day for Johan.
School Picture Day: Wednesday, November 9th. Please fill in the attached form and return to school right away. Each child will have a class picture in school uniform, as well as an individual picture in whatever you want them to wear.
November 12th – Home & School Ice Cream Social:  Come to BSCA for a night of fun and food (ice cream to be specific!). We always have a good time together.
God’s Blessings Abound . . .
These are the people whom we want to thank and recognize . . .
  • Rob Erwin; Elina Flores and Jorge Nina with Johan; John & Kathy Marciniak with their children David, Karolyn, and Mary, and Brenda Mays for supporting the school at the cleaning bee.
Help and Things We Need
  • Someone to finish the electrical work in Mrs. Maloon’s room or the money to do it (~$500).
Alternative to Halloween on October 31st:
The area churches are coming to BSCA on Monday night, Oct. 31, from 6 to 8:30 PM for a game night alternative to Halloween.
Two Boys For Baptized!   
James Kenner and Johan Pauta are two BSCA students taking a stand for Jesus. Last Sabbath at Emmanuel Temple, James Kenner entered the watery grave and came up anew in Jesus. Now this Sabbath, October 22nd, Johan Pauta will be baptized at Buffalo Suburban SDA Church. Let’s support these boys as they stand up for Jesus.
Home & School Fundraiser – Xmas Wreaths:  We must work quickly on this; all sales are due on Tuesday, November 1st. Any student selling over $150 in sales will earn a 10% of their total sales. All school proceeds will support new technology at school. See the attached fundraising packet for details.
School Cleaning Bee – last Sunday AM:
Thank you to those who came to the Cleaning Bee last Sunday:  Rob Erwin; Elina Flores, Jorge Nina, Johan Pauta; John and Kathy Marciniak plus David, Karolyn, and Mary Marciniak; and Brenda Mays.
Tuition Billing and Payments:  A week ago, Mrs. Hernandez, our school treasurer, has emailed you your tuition invoice. Please pay this within this month. A few of you have neglected to pay your September payments; please do so right away or call Mr. Maloon asap.
Light-Skill of the Week:       Encouragement
This past week we emphasized the light skill of encouragement. Please encourage your child to allow the Holy Spirit to live in them.
Next Home & School Meeting – Thurs, Nov.3 at 6 PM.  All are invited to be a part of it.
Mrs. Maloon’s Class
This week we have learned about direct current and alternating current (DC and AC). We built a homemade battery by layering zinc washers, pennies, and paper towels soaked in salt water. We learned that each group of three created a cell and a number of cells together made a battery. Then, we wired a headphone to the battery and could hear the crackle, signifying that our battery indeed was working!
The next day for science we wired one regular DC (common household D-cell battery) to a flashlight bulb. It gave off a dim light. Then, we added another battery, and the light grew brighter. We continued adding batteries until the little light was so bright, we were amazed! Then, we compared that to our Christian lives. The students made the analogy that if we have prayer in the morning, it’s like one battery, and we can give off a dim light. But, if we add more power, like going to church, reading the Bible, singing, and witnessing, our lights can shine even brighter! The next day they had a chance to let their lights shine on the filed trip. (See paragraph below).
Field Trip-Our field trip to the library and Carol’s Café was great. At Carol’s Café, the students had a chance to let their lights shine by witnessing to the owner! As she asked questions about our school, the students answered in ways that melted my heart. Praise God for His wonderful ways.
Mr. Maloon’s Classroom
  • Grade reports on Paper today and on-line this year. I have printed another grade report today and have attached the science and math tests to the report. Please review and have your child do their missing work this weekend. Then sign the report and tests, and send it in with the completed work. If you can’t access them, please e-mail or call me.
  • Book Reports!  Make sure your child is reading a 200-page book for the month of October. The book report is due October 31st. Next Thursday we go to the Clarence Library again.
  • Tests for Next Week:    Please review your child’s recent test grades.                          
    • Science Chapter 3 – a redo; see test attached;
    • Bible, Unit 3
    • Language, Ch. 3 – gr.5,6, 8

    James Kenner with Pastor Green before baptism