Buffalo Suburban Christian Academy


Newsletter - 2011-10-07
October 7, 2011

First Performance of the Year:
October 22nd will be the first performance of this school year. The occasion is Johan Pauta’s baptism at Buffalo Suburban SDA Church at the worship hour (11 AM). The children need to be at the church by 11 AM.
Parent Surveys:
For parents of returning students, if you have not mailed in your survey, please do so. It is a very important part of our school evaluation process.
God’s Blessings Abound . . .
These are the people whom we want to thank and recognize . . .
  • Sonja Hambridge for being our sub.
  • Rob Erwin with help with the evaluation report.
Help and Things We Need
  • Seedling starters, potting soil, or anything that will help us start our indoor greenhouse.
  • Someone to finish the electrical work in Mrs. Maloon’s room or the money to do it (~$500).
Light-Skill of the Week:       Cooperation
This past week we emphasized the light skill of cooperation. Please encourage your child to allow the Holy Spirit to live in them so that they will exhibit this trait of a Christian.
No School Monday:  Monday, October 10th, 2011, there will be no school. School will resume on Tuesday, October 11th.
School Picture Day: Wednesday, November 9

Pastor Curtis leading Fall Week of Prayer.

The children really get into song service.
Mrs. Maloon’s Class
            This week we have learned about creation days five and six. We learned about how God made Adam and Eve different from the animals in that they could reason things out and make decisions. Then, He gave them the whole world and the responsibility of caring for it. We compared that to receiving a present for a birthday, perhaps a bike. The person receiving the bike must now take the responsibility of keeping the bike safe and in good shape. This tied in nicely with our SS lesson on natural resources. We have to take care of the earth, just as God intended for Adam and Eve to look after it.
SS Test Next Friday—Third and fourth graders have a SS test Tuesday, Oct. 11. Study chapter one, pages 8-35. Please help your child by studying with him or her during the week. Third grade is a big jump from second, and unit tests are a part of that step. I have been teaching them organizing strategies for understanding what they read. You can help by reviewing the SS chapter with them and quizzing them on vocabulary and main ideas.
BSCA CHOIR--October 22—Buffalo Suburban SDA Church has requested the school choir to sing special music on October 22. One of our students, Johan Pauta, will be baptized that day. Please plan to come to Buffalo Suburban Church on that Sabbath. Students should be at the church by 11:00. Please come and support our choir and this very special day for Johan.
Field Trip—Wednesday, Oct. 19, the lower grades are going on a field trip to the library and beyond. We are coming back to eat lunch at school, then going out for ice cream. The cost of the field trip will be $2.00. I am still trying to schedule singing at the Nursing Home that afternoon as well. If you would like to be a chaperone, please contact Mrs. Maloon at 540-325-6882.
Mr. Maloon’s Classroom
  • Grade reports on Paper today and on-line this year. I have printed a grade report today and have attached the language and science tests to the report. Please review and have your child do their missing work this weekend. Then sign the report and tests, and send it in with the completed work. Please check on-line for your child’s grades. If you can’t access them, please e-mail or call me.
  • Only Two People Did Their Book Reports!  Only Mary and Megan turned in their September book reports. Please make sure your child turns in the biography book report on Monday.
  • Outside Reading:  We  will return to the library next week on Thursday. Please make sure your child brings his or her library card and library books.
  • Tests for Next Week:                              
    • Science Chapter 3
    • Social studies chapter 1
  • Robotics Anyone?:
I shared with the students yesterday afternoon the possibility of having a robotics team. While they saw the fun of it, I also emphasized the hard work and time commitment. I can’t do this without another adult who can help one afternoon a week. Is anyone able