Buffalo Suburban Christian Academy


Newsletter - 2012-03-16
March 16, 2012

Spirit Week – March 19 – 27th:  For parts of  the next two weeks, BSCA will have its annual Spirit Week. Each day has a special activity; all week will be considered casual dress (casual, but still modest and non-offensive to Christianity). The special activity for each day is a follows:
MONDAY, March 19th – Sports Day
THURSDAY, March 22nd  – Crazy Hair and Mismatch Day
FRIDAY, March 23rd  – - ER Day (dress up as anyone or any profession that ends in “er”)
MONDAY, March 26th  – Neon Color– Twin Day (you can wear neon colors and/or dress up like someone else)
TUESDAY, March 27th – Medieval Day (dress up as lords and ladies of the castle)
God’s Blessings Abound . . .
These are the people whom we want to thank and recognize . . .
  • Ms. Reaves for being our volunteer librarian.
  • Mrs. Washburn for volunteering aide time on Thursdays.
  • Mr. Erwin, Pastor Harlin, and Mrs. Hambridge for being substitute teachers this week.
  • Mrs. Guash  cleaning our school.
Help and Things We Need
  • More gymnastic mats
  • Vertical blinds for the classrooms
MAJOR CALENDAR CHANGE – NEXT WEEK:  Due to unforeseen recent changes in our staff’s schedule, we will have the following changes:
MONDAY, March 19thNoon Dismissal
TUESDAY, March 20thNo School
WEDNESDAY, March 21stNo School
Thursday, March 22nd – School resumes
We apologize for this inconvenience, but there is unfortunately no way around this. Since we will only miss two days of school, these are compensated with the two remaining unused snow days this year. For parents of students traveling by public school buses, the bus companies have already been contacted as to the above changes.
Field Trip To The Buffalo Science Museum
On Wednesday, March 28th, students from both classrooms are scheduled for a field trip to Buffalo Museum of Science. Please make sure your child brings a sack lunch, the necessary cost, and a permission slip.
Hot Lunch will be on Thursday Next Week:
::::IMG_0036.JPGSince there will be no school on Wednesday of next week, the 8th grade hot lunch program will be on Thursday, March 22nd. The menu will be spaghetti, with a cooked vegetable and fruit. The cost is $2.50. There are no IOU’s allowed. All profit will go to benefit the 8th grade class.
Mrs. Maloon’s Class
Light-Skills—This week we began talking about the light-skill of personal best. Our definition of personal best is doing the best that you can. We talked about God giving each of us different gifts and how important it is for us to do our best with the gifts we have been given. We spent some time identifying light skills in Bible story characters we’ve learned about. We also identified light skills in lessons taught this week. The students made this list of light skills used during our revision lesson: personal best, self-control, active listening, organization, effort, and perseverance.
This week  we had Dr. Seuss Day. We learned about the author’s life, the books he wrote, and thought a lot about perseverance and personal best during writing sessions. We read the last book that was only partially completed by Dr. Seuss before he died. We looked at the illustrations, phrases, and lists of rhyming words that he was working with. He discovered that even great writers must scratch-out, revise, and re-write. We applied this to some opinion-proof persuasive essays we wrote this week.
In SS we are working on our education fair project on assembly lines. We are learning about different types of assembly lines and we have seen some clips of assembly lines of the Ford Motor Company, a chocolate factory, and the Wilson Football Factory. We are applying what we’ve learned by practicing on our own Salty Christian Popcorn Company assembly line.
In science we are studying endangered species, their habitats, and how we can be good stewards of the earth. To integrate our SS unit, we are starting to look at the physics of why popcorn pops and regular corn does not.
Future Field Trips-We are going to the science museum on Wednesday, March 28 and need drivers. Please let me know if you can help. Students will need $4.00. We are also planning a trip to Beaver Meadows in April. Beaver Meadows is a terrific site for hands-on learning about ecosystems, one of our science units this quarter.
Mr. Maloon’s Classroom
  • There is a grade report today. Please review it, have your child finish the missing work, and return it signed with the missing or done over work.
Some families are not taking advantage of this opportunity!
  • Book Reports! Very few February book reports came in (on an African American or a person from another minority). March book reports can be on any subject; they are due 3 weeks from today (March 30th).
  • Field Trip on March 28th: On Wednesday, March 28th we will be going to Buffalo Museum of Science for the whole day. The museum has two special programs planned, as well as the general exhibits. Children need to bring $5, permission slip, and a sack lunch. Mr. Maloon needs a chaperone for this very interesting trip.
  • Music Festival at Union Springs: 
Grades 5 – 8 will go and stay at Union Springs Academy for March 29-31st. On the 31st, all parents are invited to watch your child perform on Sabbath at the Union Springs SDA Church. I need a couple of chaperones for the overnight field trip. Please let me know very soon! Please fill out the attached permission slip and return next week.