Buffalo Suburban Christian Academy


Newsletter - 2012-02-17
February 17, 2012

No School – Next Week Winter Break will begin when school dismisses at noon today and will continue through next week. School will resume on Monday, February 27th.
8th Grade Hot Lunch: On Wednesday, February 29th, the 8th grade will continue their hot lunch program. The menu will be Grilled Cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for only $2.50. Please prepay no later than Tuesday.
New Librarian at School: In the past, BSCA has had phenomenal help with the library from volunteers, especially Mrs. Marciniak. Last week Mrs. Brenda Reaves has taken the torch to continue and revive the school library. Already she has made a big dent in all the work that needs to be done. We appreciate all her hard work and energy to develop our library.
God’s Blessings Abound . . .
These are the people whom we want to thank and recognize . . .
  • Ms. Reaves for being our volunteer librarian.
  • Mrs. Washburn (Megan and Ethan’s grandmother) for leading the children in baking for Valentines Day.
  • Mrs. Hambridge for chaperoning all day Tuesday.
  • Mrs. Guash driving the van and cleaning our school.
  • Private donor for vertical blinds.
School Calendar Items:
  • February 20-24            Winter Break
  • February 27                        School resumes
SMART Board Training:  Last  Monday, Mr. & Mrs. Maloon had an afternoon training session on the basics of SMART Boards. It was a good introduction. There will be another instructional day/in-service in the near future, on which day the children will have a day off. We will let you know as soon as the company gives us the next date.
Valentine’s Day Activities
Last Tuesday was a busy day for the school. In the morning, Mr. Maloon’s class decorated and distributed treats they had baked the day before. They passed out the cupcakes and cookies to the local public librarians, Vinecroft Nursing Home, all the bus drivers, even the public school nurse who visits BSCA daily. The goal was to make people happy for Jesus’s sake, and it is safe to say they reached that goal. Thanks go to both Mrs. Washburn for leading the baking and Mrs. Hambridge for help distributing.
The afternoon the girls went with Mrs. Maloon and Mrs. Hambridge to the Maloon home for a tea party. The boys, meanwhile, stayed and played at school with Mr. Maloon. Each group had a good time.
Now Cleaning the School, too!  We have been so blessed by the time and dedication that Mrs. Hulda Guash has been giving to our school. This week she has started cleaning on a regular basis. Thanks so much, Mrs. Guash!
Help and Things We Need
  • Custodial volunteer time
  • More gymnastic mats
Mrs. Maloon’s Class
Light-Skills—This week we continued our lessons on patience. During the week I heard students talking about patience to each other. Some of the third and fourth graders wrote a skit and performed it for the class in our puppet theater. It was really great seeing the children own this light skill. When we come back from vacation, our new light skill will be perseverance. Our definition of perseverance is--not giving up even if it is hard.
This week
We wrote more summary outlines and learned about main ideas and details through our reading books. Even first and second graders are writing number notes. In science we studied about the catbird and ecosystems. Did you know that catbirds not only make a meowing sound, like a cat, but they are also ‘copycats’, like the mocking bird?
In Bible we studied about King Saul and how God doesn’t look at the outside of a person, but looks at a person’s heart. We are encouraging each other to do the same during school. In Language we started learning about verbs of being, action verbs, and irregular verbs. In Social Studies we are learning about the time period of the Civil War.
Black History Month—This month we are learning about some of our great heroes—Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, Thurgood Marshall, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Wilma Rudolph. Did you know that Wilma Rudolph overcame polio and became the world’s fastest runner in 1960, winning three gold medals? Later she became a second-grade teacher, began her own company, and started the Wilma Unlimited Foundation to nurture young athletes.
Valentine’s Day Friendship Party—It was great. The girls and I had so much fun having tea, crumpets, and British accents. Thank you so much for lending me your children!
Mr. Maloon’s Classroom
  • There is a grade report today. Please review it, have your child finish the missing work, and return it signed with the missing or done over work.
  • Book Reports! Tuesday’s book report is on an African American or a person from another minority. The children should be reading during break; they need to It is due February 29th.
  • This Week’s Outreach: The children had a great time baking cupcakes and cookies, making cards, packaging everything and then delivering them all to the librarians, school nurse, nursing home, and bus drivers. Those receiving the gifts were quite pleased and appreciative.
  • Light-Skill of the Week:  The light skill this week was patience. We discussed that the KJV definition that patience is “suffers long and is kind” is pretty accurate. We have been focusing on that this week.