Buffalo Suburban Christian Academy


Newsletter - 2012-02-10
February 10, 2012

Assembly with Ron Halvorsen Sr.
Today our guest speaker for assembly was Pastor Ron Halvorsen. The upper grades had read about his miraculous conversion and how he became a mighty preacher for God in their Bible book. Inspired by that, we contacted him to give his testimony via Skype. The children were able to see and hear him on our new SMART Board, and via the computer they could ask him questions. It was a memorable experience.
8th Grade Hot Lunch: Next week, the 8th grade will continue their hot lunch program, on Wednesday, February 1st. The menu will be Spaghetti with vegetables for only $2.50. Please prepay no later than Tuesday.
School Calendar Items:
  • February 10th -             Noon Dismissal
  • February 14th -            Valentine’s Day
  • February 17th -            Noon Dismissal
  • February 20-24            Winter Break
Noon Dismissal this Monday, February 13thThis Monday, Mr. & Mrs. Maloon will be receiving training on our new SMART Boards, so school will end at noon. All buses and vans will take children home at that time. School will resume the next day, Tuesday, February 14th.
Valentine’s Day Activities
This Tuesday, for Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Maloon will take the girls to her home for the afternoon for a tea party; girls may bring a change of clothes for the party. Meanwhile, Mr. Maloon will keep the boys at the school for food and Wii games and other games. Lunch will be provided, but the children may bring treats or little sandwiches (girls) or snacks/treats (boys). All children will take the afternoon ride at the regular time. No money is needed for the day.
Friday, February 17th – Noon Dismissal:
Next Friday, the Winter Break will begin when BSCA dismisses the students at noon.  BSCA will be closed February 20th – 24th but will resume Monday, February 27th.
Help and Things We Need
  • Custodial volunteer time
  • More gymnastic mats
God’s Blessings Abound . . .
These are the people whom we want to thank and recognize . . .
  • Ms. Reaves for being our volunteer librarian.
  • Mrs. Guash driving the van.
  • Private donor for vertical blinds.
Mrs. Maloon’s Class
Light-Skills—This week we practiced patience. We had a fun lesson learning what happens if we aren’t patient. We took frozen bread dough and baked it before it was ready, because we just couldn’t wait the 3 hours the instructions suggested it took to raise. So, we had a disappointed crowd. Fortunately, we had more patience the second time around and everyone enjoyed bread with the homemade butter we took the patience to make!
This week
We wrote summary outlines and learned about main ideas and details through our reading book, Lisa and the Drainpipe Prayer. In science we studied about the nighthawk and ecosystems. Ask your child about the booming noise a nighthawk makes.
In Bible we are studied about the ark of agreement, Gideon, and Samson. Just as God was patient with Gideon (who needed more than one miracle to believe God’s calling) and Samson (who didn’t give himself fully to God until his dying breath) He is patient with us, always calling us to Him, and willing to forgive.
In Language we used more adjectives and had an adjective assessment. We started verbs of being. If you walk down our hallway, you will see delightful dinosaurs, part of our art program. We made color value scales, and then painted our dinosaurs using different color values, or tints of their original color choice.
Valentine’s Day Friendship Party—On Tuesday we will be having a Valentine’s party. Students may bring in valentines and/or treats. I have included a list of students from our classroom--if your child brings in something to pass out, be sure they include everyone. J In the afternoon, the girls will be going to my house for a tea party, and the boys will be at school with Mr. Maloon doing what boys do best. Permission slips are included for the girls. If they would like, the girls may bring fancy clothes to change into for the tea in the afternoon.
Mr. Maloon’s Classroom
  • There is a grade report today. Please review it, have your child finish the missing work, and return it signed with the missing or done over work.
  • Book Reports! Tuesday’s book report is on an African American or a person from another minority. It is due February 28th.
  • This Monday: We will be baking some cupcakes and cookies and making cards to deliver on Tuesday morning.
  • This Tuesday:  We will be going to the library so make sure your child brings her or his books and card. We will also deliver our baked goods and cards to the librarians, school nurse, bus drivers, and maybe police station or the nursing home, as part
  • Light-Skill of the Week:  The light skill this week was patience. We will continue to practice one. (Can’t wait for that one!)