Buffalo Suburban Christian Academy


Newsletter - 2012-01-27
January 27, 2012

Today is End of 3rd Quarter  - The 3rd Quarter started this past Monday; encourage your child to get off to a good start.
Casual Day – Next Friday: Next Friday, February 3rd, will be our first Casual Day. Students can wear clothes other than uniforms. The clothes must be modest, not ripped, and not bearing any offensive language or pictures contrary to Christianity.
Home & School Winter Carnival – this Sunday!  On Sunday, January 29th, all school families, church families, friends, neighbors, and the community are all invited to the Home & School Annual Winter Carnival at the BSCA gym. The good times will start at 1 PM
and last until 5 PM.  If you would like to help with a Carnival activity, please contact Mrs. Muffoletto at jmuffloletto1@roadrunner.com.
8th Grade Hot Lunch: Next week, the 8th grade will continue their hot lunch program, on Wednesday, February 1st. The menu will be Macaroni and Cheese with green beans for only $2.50. Please prepay no later than Tuesday.
School Calendar Items:
  • January 29th -                        Winter Carnival, from 1 to 5 PM, at BSCA Gym
  • January 31st -                        Dr. Kaboom field trip in Buffalo
  • February 2nd -            Noon Dismissal for Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • February 17th -            Noon Dismissal
  • February 20-24            Winter Break
Noon Dismissal –  Thursday, Feb. 2nd
Parent-Teacher Conferences for 2nd Quarter: On February 2nd, the teachers will be spending time with parents to review 2nd quarter grades and student learning. Meetings start at 12:40 PM and run every 20 minutes until 7:20 PM (so every 00, 20, 40 minutes of each hour).
       Mrs. Maloon                  Mr. Maloon         
12:45  Johan Pauta
  1:00____________       Anschel Mead
  1:20 ___________        _____________
  1:40 ___________                 _____________
  2:00 ___________         _____________
  2:20 ___________                 _____________
  2:40 ___________                 _____________
  3:00 ___________                ______________
  3:20 ___________                 _____________
  3:40 ___________        ______________
  4:00 ___________        Marciniak_
  4:20 ___________        ______________
  4:40 ___________        ______________
  5:00 ___________                ______________
  5:20 ___________        ______________
  5:40 ___________                   ______________
  6:00 ___________                ______________
  6:20 Curtis                            ______________
  6:40 ___________                       Curtis___
  7:00 ___________                ______________
  7:20 ___________                 ______________
Help and Things We Need
  • Custodial volunteer time
  • Vertical blinds for both classrooms
  • More gymnastic mats
Mrs. Maloon’s Class
Doktor Kaboom” Field Trip—BSCA is going to an exciting science show at the UB Center for the Arts on Tuesday, Jan. 31. We will eat an early lunch at school, and then travel into Buffalo for the afternoon program. Cost for the trip will be $4.00.
Light-Skills—Light-Skills are a conference-wide group of Christian characteristics that NY Conference schools teach throughout the year. It is my goal, as a teacher, to model light-skills and make each child more aware of how to incorporate these into their everyday lives. Our class made refrigerator magnets with the list of light-skills so that these skills can be reinforced at home. This week we studied organization, keeping things in order. Next week we will concentrate on Patience. Our definition for patience is waiting without getting angry, going through trouble with a happy heart.
This week our SMART Boards came! Our class is having a great time learning how to use this fantastic educational technology.
We learned about family relationships, especially among siblings, through our new reading book, Lisa and the Drainpipe Prayer. Students are learning how to organize their thoughts and make outline summaries of what they have read. They are also making T-chart comparisons of story characters and learning story elements. The SMART Board will make teaching through a multisensory approach much easier and more advanced, since we have great access to thousands of lesson plans and internet sources that can be projected right on the board.
In science we began a unit on birds. Did you know that the flycatcher can hover and fly backwards like the hummingbird?
In Bible we are studied about the Israelites’ desert sojourn. We are learning not to complain, to trust God, and give Him the praise for everything He does for us and through us.
Mr. Maloon’s Classroom
  • There is a grade report today. This is the first report of the 3rd quarter. With few assignments, it only takes one bad grade to skew the average.
  • Book Reports! Please make sure they are reading on a regular basis (daily is best) and writing reports when they finish.
  • Next Library Trip:  may be limited to only the children taking books out and doing the book reports. Few children signed out a book last time. We will go on Thursday of next week.
  • Light-Skill of the Week:  The light skill this week was organization, keeping things in order. Next week will be the light-skill of patience. (Can’t wait for that one!)
  • Dr. Kaboom Field Trip:  All grades will be going on this fun science field trip. It is in the form of a science show at UB Center for the Performing Arts. The cost is $4 and we will go on Tuesday, January 31st. I need one chaperone to go with me.
God’s Blessings Abound . . .
These are the people whom we want to thank and recognize . . .
  • Mrs. Guash driving the van.
The students inform us that some parents don’t read the Friday newsletter. While we don’ t buy in to everything the children say, we want to have a fun test of the system. So if you have read this newsletter, please write on the lines below, “I have read this newsletter.” Then sign it. If your child returns this to school, he or she will receive 10 sand dollars and a bowl or ice cream or sherbert after we come back from Dr. Kaboom field trip.